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Time is fast and the longer obesity issues are left to chance, the more we as Americans will have to pay for generations to come.  Please join us and support our efforts to make a difference!
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ThickHealth.org! Obesity Summit & Fit Camp 
Saturday, July 16th 9:00am
1123 Dr Ransom Howard St
Port Arthur, Texas
Seeking Sponsors, Vendors & Ambassadors
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ThickHealth.org!Interview with Former NFL Football player - Dion Sanders  on  Feb. 2011
-Dallas, TX
ThickHealth.org! Interskate Fundraiser  on 06/17/11
-Lewisville, TX  "Double Click to View Video"
ThickHealth.org! Obesity Summit & Fit Camp
-Port Arthur, TX
ThickHealth.org! Interskate Fundraiser  on 06/17/11
-Lewisville, TX
ThickHealth.org! Marketing @ the Super Bowl Events Feb. 2011  -Dallas/Fort worth, TX