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Time is fast and the longer obesity issues are left to chance, the more we as Americans will have to pay for generations to come.  Please join us and support our efforts to make a difference!
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   Healthy Me Walk-A-Thon
Our Programs

1+2=Healthy Me & Cut Five/Add Five
A viable health program to help cultivate accountability and commitment. This program is designed to address the issues of obesity and to impact direct change for the nation's obesity epidemic. Currently, national efforts are piece worked and only address individual aspects of the problem. Our programs target root causes and involves all who share a vested interest for successful outcomes.

Our program's focus is a daily effort for ensuring bottom line results for children, teens and adults who are healthy, overweight or obese. Our "Healthy Me" program will ensure consciousness to maintain a healthy lifestyle, teaching life long lessons resulting in healthier generations.

This program will be introduced and provided to entities such as: educational facilities, corporations and various groups. A program for students, teachers & parents - employees, employers & wellness coordinators - members, leaders & organizers.

ThickHealth.org! Rewards

A rewards program to help foster growth and motivate school, corporate and group program participants. Members will be held accountable, to remain on task, exercise and make healthier choices as they take part in our 1+2=Healthy Me & Cut Five/Add Five program.

Our Fundraisers

Healthy Me Walk A Thon
A yearly walk-a-thon organized to increase consciousness & knowledge. To raise funds and secure donations, to help grow our efforts, gain general support and community involvement.
(Previously organized by: ThickTeenz.com!)

ThickHealth.org! A 501(c)(3) Non Profit
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Pennies For Calories
Is a fun way for youth and adults to take ownership of their health while supporting the mission of ThickHealth.org!  A program which promotes a healthy lifestyle and accountability.

Participants honor their pledge to remain consistent in their caloric intake, learn about nutrition and so much more! 
Jeans For Charity   (Click Here) To Raise Funds Through Your Employer
A chance for corporate employers to create a team environment and support a great cause!
Employers allow their employees to wear blue jeans in the work place.
Employees wear jeans from one to five days by donating to our cause at an agreed dollar amount per day or for the entire week. 
Amount of donation is set by human resources, department head or team leader.
Funds raised are donated to ThickHealth.org! to fund initiatives to combat obesity.
ThickHealth.org! Obesity Summit
Is an event held in communities to help inform and educate on the effects of obesity.   The current state of the American Obesity Epidemic is presented to encourage and implement ideas for solutions. 

Invite ThickHealth.org! to present an Obesity  Summit to your state, city or community! 
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ThickHealth.org! Fit Camp
Is a one day camp presented specifically for youth to educate, motivate and encourge a commitment to fitness.  Youth are educated on correct portions, caloric intake, BMI and more!  

They learn to move to a healthier lifestyle in a fun environment with their peers.

Invite ThickHealth.org! to present our Fit Camp to your state, city or community!
Teaching Health & Increasing Consciousness & Knowledge